Greenstar Explorers

How you can participate
in the Greenstar adventure

Greenstar plans to install 300 Solar-Powered Ecommerce Centers in developing countries around the world, over the next five years.

We will be hiring staff and consultants for both domestic and international projects, chiefly research, marketing, personal communications and technology projects. This represents a career opportunity, a chance to enter new jobs that contribute to the health of the planet and to its cultural diversity; rewarding new potential employment.

Greenstar is looking for people who can begin work now on small, specific projects. They will begin by demonstrating their skills through a brief volunteer assignment, performing about 16 hours of work on their own computers and Internet connections, talking with Greenstar staff on the phone and email over a three-week period. These assignments require no travel, and limited expenses which are covered by Greenstar; they can be done from home or office.

People who do well on this initial unpaid evaluation may then be given paid work at $15-20 per hour, undertaking short 2-3 week assignments in their spare time, and will be asked to bring another person into the Explorers pool to replace them. They will also receive a letter of reference from Greenstar, recommending their performance as an Explorer.

Of the people who receive paid assignments, a few may eventually be offered the opportunity to join the Greenstar staff. They will have started by showing enthusiasm, competence and interest from the ground up, and we will have gotten to know each other over a period of time, in a very practical way that benefits everyone.

If you are interested in being a Greenstar Explorer, please let us know by filling out the brief form on the following page.

Here are several of the Explorers programs now being actively developed by Greenstar Explorers:

  • identify online sources of practical books on solar power, which can help anyone to use renewable energy in their homes and everyday life; categorize them for the upcoming opening of a Greenstar Solar Bookstore
  • find examples of authentic, original world music similar to that being recorded by Greenstar now, which has been produced in isolated places in the world; list them as a Greenstar World Music Store
  • research existing work in international organizations on the subject of community health clinics in developing villages, to identify common resources which should be made available in each village as a Greenstar World Development Library
  • survey existing sources of information on financial transaction processing systems which operate over the Internet; collect and analyze them to begin developing a strategy for how Greenstar can quickly, economically and securely transfer financial payments, converted to local currencies, to people in isolated villages where infrastructure is limited

New assignments are now being developed, of similar character. Some assignments will be suited to young people, age 13 and over; some will be suited to people with specific skills, for example in telemedicine, wireless communications, international languages, etc.