The Sacred Voice of India, Vol.1
music and multimedia CD or cassette will be shipped via post to any address in the world

A significant portion of the proceeds from sale of this program is returned directly to the people of Parvatapur, who created the music and images, and who own it. They have licensed the material to Greenstar India to market it worldwide; Greenstar uses profits from this activity to fund additional Solar-Powered Community Centres in India, and around the world.



"The Sacred Voice of India" is available in three versions.

A full-length standard music CD
48 minutes, 24 tracks
$12.95 US, or 600 Rupees (Indian) plus $3.00 shipping
total $15.95, or 740 Rupees (Indian)

A multimedia CD, with both music and images
48 minutes, 24 tracks
plus 50 Mbytes of photographs, artwork, video, animations
$16.95 US, or 800 Rupees (Indian) plus $3.00 shipping,
total $19.95, or 925 Rupees (Indian)

A full-length standard audiocassette
48 minutes, 24 tracks
$12.95 US, or 600 Rupees (Indian) plus $3.00 shipping,
total $15.95, or 740 Rupees (Indian)


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