Speak Together

(Yami Janah)

notes to compact disc release from

Greenstar World Music

November, 1999

produced in the village of
Al-Kaabneh, Palestine

About this music
and how it was made


Here is a short demonstration track:

Speak Together
file size: 984 Kbytes
duration: 2:05; MPEG3 stereo, 64 Kbps

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Complete standard music CD
now available!

This CD contains a total of nearly an hour
of powerful, spirited music in the ancient Bedouin tradition, recorded live in Al-Kaabneh, Palestine.

Twenty tracks, fully described below,
are included on this CD; a majority of the proceeds
goes to the people of the village, to improve
their education, health, energy and environment.

"Speak Together" makes an ideal, thoughtful gift.
The cost of this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind work is $11.95,
with fast, free shipping anywhere in the world.