Greenstar Premium Partners
Grant of License and Revenue Agreement


1.1 This License is granted by Greenstar Development Worldwide, Inc., a Massachusetts Corporation with offices at 5042 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 575, Los Angeles, CA 90036 ("Greenstar") to the [Premium Partner Name], with offices at [Street, City, Zip/Postal Code, Country] ("the Partner").

1.2 The purpose of the Greenstar Premium Partners Program ("the Program") is set forth in Attachment A. The Program will be hosted on Greenstar's site on the World-wide Web at ("the Website"). The Program is not open to the public, or to individuals, and this License is granted only to qualified organizations which work to further goals in parallel with those stated in Attachment A. Greenstar has determined that the Partner is a qualified organization.


General Provisions
2.1 Greenstar wishes to support the work of the Premium Partner, and the Premium Partner wishes to deliver Greenstar's public education message about renewable energy, ecommerce and international development to its customers. In exchange for communicating this message to its members, Greenstar will pay a commission of 8% of sales to the Partner. This License describes the manner in which that commission will be paid.

2.2 There is no cost or charge of any kind to the Partner for its participation in the Program. There is no obligation or guarantee of performance by the Partner, and no minimum effort or result of any kind guaranteed by the Partner to Greenstar.


Operational and Technical Details
3.1 Greenstar agrees to pay a commission of 8% of the total sale value of merchandise (including shipping) made by customers referred to the Website by the Partner.

3.2 Greenstar will use automated software and online record-keeping to track the eligible commission sales made to the Partner's customers, to calculate the commission due, and to provide the Partner with online access to revenue and customer information. A private, secure URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on the Web, with a unique Partner ID and password, will be provided to the Partner to effect this access.

3.3 Greenstar will provide the Partner with regular messages via email about Greenstar's activities worldwide in the areas of renewable energy, ecommerce and international development. These specially-formatted messages may be used by the Partner in any manner it deems most effective. This includes sending the message as an email, including it in a newsletter, flyer, bill insert or other publication, or any other medium either physical or electronic.

3.4 The Partner may edit the message and/or add to it in any way it deems fit to best communicate the information to its customers, provided that information provided about Greenstar, its products and special offers, is accurate. If such inaccuracies are found, the Partner agrees that it will make the necessary corrections immediately. Each message will contain one or more hyperlinks to a specific custom page, designed for the Partner on Greenstar's website.

3.5 The Partner will also receive from Greenstar a set of automated text links and graphic banners, in JPEG, GIF and/or hypertext form, which the Partner's customer's may use to connect with the Greenstar website. These links and/or banners may be placed on the Partner's website, or any website controlled by it without limitation, on any page, and combined may be with any other explanatory information the Partner chooses.

3.6 The Partner understands that it needs to maintain the accuracy of the message links, and hypertext links in the messages it sends and the Greenstar images and words that it uses or displays, (as described in parts 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 above) in order to guarantee the correct operation of the Premium Partner tracking software for payment of commissions due to the Partner.

3.7 Greenstar will maintain a custom information page on its website, in order to perform the linking function. The information and images on this page which describe the Partner's programs may be modified at any time, at the Partner's request, in any reasonable way consistent with both the purposes of Greenstar and of the Partner. Greenstar agrees to perform and install these changes promptly, accurately, and at no cost to the Partner. This page may also be modified by Greenstar, to reflect updates in marketing campaigns.

3.8 The URL specified for the purposes described in part 3.7 is: The Premium Partner code assigned to the Partner is "PPCode", which is referred to in documentation provided to the Partner and included here as Attachment C. Attachment C is also available online, with frequent updates, at

3.9 Greenstar will also provide a toll-free number for calls originating in the U.S. or Canada, where customers may request a printed catalog, and then order by mail or telephone, using the Premium Partner code referenced above. This toll-free number and catalog are for use by customers who do not have easy access to the Internet.

3.10 Sending a group e-mail requires no special technical skill. The standard email programs included with Netscape and Microsoft browsers are entirely adequate, although most commercial or shareware email software, such as Eudora, will do the job. If requested, Greenstar will provide technical support and tools to the Partner at no cost, to make automated sending of emails easy and reliable.


Responsibilities, License
4.1 Greenstar and the Partner agree that any public notice of the relationship between the parties, including press releases, Website postings, and group emails, is subject to the prior approval of both parties.

4.2 Greenstar hereby grants to the Partner an unlimited, unrestricted License to its copyrighted and/or trademarked images, words and public documents, in written or electronic form, to use and adapt as the Partner deems fit to communicate its message with its customers. This License includes quotations, excerpts, images, sounds, animations, movies, and deep-linking from the Partner's website(s) to any public location in Greenstar's website(s).

4.3 Greenstar maintains a comprehensive public privacy, security and confidentiality policy with respect to activity on its websites, and all activity connected with its websites. In general, Greenstar will treat information provided directly or indirectly by customers of the Partner with the highest degree of confidentiality and care, according to standards now in continuous development by information-industry groups such as etrust, and according to public policy guidelines issued from time to time by Federal government groups such as the Department of Commerce. Greenstar's Privacy Policy is included here as Attachment B, and is posted on Greenstar's websites, with periodic updates and improvements, at

4.4 Greenstar will never have access in any way to the Premium Partner's mailing lists, either electronic or postal. The Partner is completely in control of the message that is sent. Greenstar will never include commercial advertising in any material, or any message inconsistent with the goals of the Premium Partner..

4.5 Greenstar is solely responsible for the products delivered and the transaction management, including customer service.All business responsibilities, including banking and credit card authorization, are Greenstar's. Greenstar provides its own customer service, by email and by toll-free telephone.

4.6 Once a month, or whenever the Partner's commission account totals $250 (whichever comes first), the Premium Partner will receive a check for the current balance from Greenstar, with an e-mailed confirmation statement.

4.7 Greenstar will also place a prominent link on its website, connecting to to the Partner's website, to provide general information.

4.8 Participation in the Program may be canceled by the Partner at any time, for any reason, with 30 days notice in writing to Greenstar. Participation in the Program may not be canceled by Greenstar without the full agreement of the Partner, unless the Partner fails to make corrections request by Greenstar as described in section 3.4 above.




Michael North, President
Greenstar Development Worldwide, Inc.



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Attachment A:

Greenstar Premium Partners Program:

Greenstar is founded on a simple idea: that people, no matter where they live, have the same basic needs: for food, shelter, caring for their children and families, building their future, leading a life of learning, creativity and dignity, living in harmony with the earth.

Where people in emerging nations don't enjoy the social and economic conditions to support these basic needs, all they need is the tools to grow by themselves, some assistance and startup resources.

Greenstar invests in these communities, and provides the people with practical tools.

The Greenstar Premium Partner program is designed to financially benefit organizations that share these ideals. Premium Partner organizations use email, or other media, to generate income for themselves. The program also benefits Greenstar and its programs in developing countries around the world.

Eligible organizations include those involved in the fields of environment, health, education, renewable energy, telecommunications, international development, the Web, ecommerce and associated technologies. They may be businesses or non-profit, government or international organizations.


Attachment B:

Greenstar Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Attachment C:

Greenstar Premium Partner
Banners and Links
technical notes