your Premium Partner code

It's easy, fast...and it helps your Premium Partner!

Greenstar automatically tracks your purchase, so that your Premium Partner can receive an 8% commission to support its work. To make this happen, please enter the Premium Partner code you see on the previous Web page into the "Ordering Instructions" box on the first order screen you see.

This screen will appear right after you click the "Order" or "Download" button to select the product you want. Part way down the screen, below your order details, is the "Ordering Instructions" box. When you're finished with the other details on this screen, click the "Finalize Order" button at the bottom of the screen, or the "Continue Shopping" button to see other items in the Greenstar solar-powered ecommerce store.

The screen you'll see looks like this:


If you have further questions, you may send an email to Greenstar, at: