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Finding great new products --
and supporting worthwhile work around the world. is the "first mover" website in the field of sustainable business. This ground-breaking company provides an ever-expanding complement of services necessary to support the sustainable business community on the Internet (information, employment, business services) and to assist in its integration into mainstream society.

A regular free newsletter is published, providing advance alerts on developments in energy, ecology, new business, finance, innovative products and services, and social action. A particulaly popular segment on the site is "Green Dream Jobs," in which you will find employment opportunities from companies around the world who seek talented people to work in progressive fields.

Clearly, these goals are in harmony with those of Greenstar. Therefore, Sustainable Business is now a Greenstar Premium Partner. This means that, when you visit the Greenstar website as you're doing now, and make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be paid to this fine organization.

Everybody wins. You get some extraordinary, unusual and thoughtful gifts to use for holidays, birthdays, for your home, or to mark any special occasion. Sustainable Business gains support for its important projects and Greenstar 's international projects, based in developing countries, also benefit.

So, who is Greenstar?

Greenstar is founded on a simple idea: that people, no matter where they live, have the same basic needs: for food, shelter, caring for their children and families, building their future, leading a life of learning, creativity and dignity. Where people in emerging nations don't enjoy the social and economic conditions to support these basic needs, all they need is the tools to grow by themselves, some assistance and startup resources.

And then they need everyone else to get out of the way.

Greenstar's concrete approach to delivering on this promise is also very simple: a self-contained, solar-powered, Web-connected community center. Including a medical clinic and telemedicine connections, a classroom, a commercial-grade photovoltaic solar power array, and a satellite dish for telecommunications.

Then, make it self-financing through ecommerce on the Internet.

We create a commercial website to market products from the village worldwide, and promote the site to nearly 200 million people who work, shop and learn on the Web every day. Allow them to connect with the people in the villages by email. The people in the village will decide for themselves how to use the income to improve their lives.

In a few months, a village can advance 1000 years, from a position where there is no electricity, no telephone or computer, no clean water, little medical or educational support, and little income, to a position where they are independent, growing, and connected to the world community.

A trial installation is underway on the West Bank, in a remote Palestinian village, with great success. To learn more, see

What do these people have to offer that you would be interested in -- for holiday gifts, for your home or office?

A surprising variety of beautiful and unique items -- from the historic Hebron area, which figures strongly in the scriptural events of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Gorgeous brassware; subtle glassware and ceramics; finely-formed pottery.

And their culture -- live music recorded recently in the village, with extraordinary Bedouin sounds from a tradition more than 5000 years old. You can get a free sample of this amazing music by clicking here.

We also developed a gallery of artwork produced by the children and adults of the community, which shows a startling clarity of vision, and fine artistic balance. These digital products can be downloaded direct to your computer, where within minutes you'll hear amazing music and see stunning artwork. Find out more by clicking here.

More about
Sustainable Business

Our mission is to accelerate momentum toward a green economy by harnessing the power of the Internet. Our goals are completely in sync with those of Greenstar. When you visit you can feel the "pulse" of sustainable business progressing by reading our online magazine, "Sustainable Business Insider," by perusing the mushrooming job listings in the field, or networking through our business opportunities section. In the near future, we will help people invest in green business, and provide a trading center for green business-to-business ecommerce.

In the coming century, the transition to sustainability will change the types of businesses that exist and the products they produce. The way we structure and manage our economy will be fundamentally different. Sustainability is, in commercial terms, a business driver of immense significance.

Leaders from many disciplines believe we are witnessing and participating in a societal transition on a scale comparable to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions - the Environmental Revolution. That's what we believe at It's contagious -- you'll see when you visit our site on an on-going basis.

You'll learn about how many of the world's largest firms are using eco-efficient practices to shrink their footprint, cut costs, increase revenues, and transform the very definition of themselves. The stage is set to dramatically reduce the quantity of materials used in production, take-back products and reuse them, and to altogether dematerialize products.

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Sustainable Business
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Click here to explore special offers at
the Greenstar Solar-Powered Ecommerce website.

Before you click..remember your Premium Partner code
when you make a purchase; simply enter
"sustainable" into the "Comments" box
on the order form.


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