Swift River Jamaica

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 Like a Dove


 Young Jamaican poet




 Lift My Feet


 Love School


 I Know Where I'm Goin'




 Thy Word


 Roast Turkey


 Light o' Mine


 Some Day


 Drums of Rio Vista - 1


 Girls, Girls, Girls


 Jesus Loves Me


 Lock up My Room


 Nobody's Business


 Drums of Rio Vista - 2




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Copyright 2000, Swift River Re-Development Association
and Greenstar Development Worldwide, Inc.

Horace Lynch (Cutie): Banjo
Timothy Stewart (Tim): Saxophone
Alfred Chambers (Turtle): Guitar
Raphael (Bogle): Ukulele
Cleveland Brown (Grater Man): Rhythm grater
Obediah Samuels (Shorty): Rhumba Box
Albert Moore (Raker): homemade conga
Kenneth Willis: Bass drum
Charles Palmer (Sala, Rastaman): Repeater conga
Samuel Easton (Bobby): vocals
Leroy Sayles: vocals
Cassilda Miller (Miss Icey): gospel vocals
Nardalee Wyndham, Desrine Dawson, Natlie Swire, Kaydia Swire:
a capella vocals

Production and Creative Consultants:
Pauline Stewart
Jackie Stewart
Henry Miller
Keturah West
Eugenia Harrison

Project Manager, Producer:
Jock Gill


Creative Supervisor:
Alan Roy Scott

Production Engineer, Post-Production
Rick Cowling

Executive Producers:

Jock Gill
Michael North


Web Production, Audio Compression:
Michael North


Recorded live, on location
digital direct-to-disk
using Apple G3 Powerbook and Digital Performer
engineered by Rick Cowling

in the community center of the
Swift River Re-Development Association


To get a complete introduction to Greenstar,
and a guided tour of its websites, go to:


all music and images ® copyright 2000,
Swift River Development Association, Jamaica
all rights reserved