Satellite E-Commerce
in a Middle East Village

eSAT and Greenstar
forge alliance to provide
high-speed Web connection
to the West Bank



October 19, 1999, WASHINGTON, DC: An agreement has been initiated to bring a high-speed satellite Web connection to a remote village in the Middle East on the West Bank. The system, created by two leading US high-tech companies, will be the first in the Middle East, and one of the first in the world, to feature a completely solar-powered, two-way satellite link to such a isolated site..

eSAT Inc. ( and Greenstar Corporation ( will install a small, 22-inch (600-cm) satellite dish on the roof of a school in Al-Kaabneh, a remote Middle East village south of Hebron, near the edge of the Dead Sea. The village currently has no central electricity, and no communications link of any kind to the outside world. But they do have a powerful solar power system, a computer and other state-of-the-art equipment, supplied earlier this year by Greenstar.

eSAT President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Palmer said, "We have executed a Letter of Intent with Greenstar to deploy a bi-directional satellite system in the Middle East in February, 2000. Our Nexstream™ technology is capable of delivering a high-speed Web connection anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost, which makes it ideal for rural locations like the West Bank. Most other satellite systems providing web connectivity are one-way only -- they receive information from space, but use a standard land connection like a telephone line to communicate back to the Internet. Nexstream™ works entirely through space, communicating both ways through geosynchronous satellites."

Michael North, president of Greenstar, added, "Nearly a year ago, we installed a large solar array in Al-Kaabneh; then we added a computer system, health and education components. Now we're completing the three-part process with a data connection to the world. We've developed an e-commerce website to present products from Al-Kaabneh and the surrounding area to the global market, at This website is open now; people in this remote village will shortly be connected to the Web, selling their products and skills to anyone on the planet, and communicating by e-mail with their customers. eSAT's satellite connection, powered by Greenstar's solar array, makes all this possible."

eSAT, Inc (OTCBB:ASAT) is a high-speed Internet Access Provider and developer of satellite Internet access equipment and services. eSAT is expanding into global commercial markets by delivering cost-effective, high-bandwidth Internet access where land-line infrastructure is either unavailable, limited or too expensive. Markets include rural regions of the United States and developing countries, governments, businesses, education, advertising, medicine, entertainment, multiple dwelling units and hospitality. Global coverage is planned for eSAT, using 10 major geo-synchronous satellite footprints that cover the earth. eSAT plans to merge these 10 footprints into a single global network through five network operating centers on the ground, creating a worldwide network for Internet and data services. Planned joint ventures will establish eSAT service in Asia North, Asia South, Europe, Eastern Europe/Russia, India, Central America, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Greenstar Corporation and its non-profit affiliate, Greenstar Foundation, bring basic human services, including health, education, communications and employment, to emerging communities around the world. These villages are "off-the-grid" in every way: off the electrical grid, the communications grid, and the financial grid. Greenstar uses solar photovoltaics to power a small medical clinic with basic equipment and telemedicine connections, a small classroom, and a satellite dish or digital cellular link for high-speed communications. An e-commerce website is developed for the village, combining local artisan work with digital culture: music, artwork, and photography, sold in entirely digital form over the Web. This formula provides new jobs, training and skills, and strengthens local culture and language. Greenstar operates with the assistance of the US Department of Energy, and collaborates with the World Resources Institute, the United Nations Development Programme, PEOPLink, and Unisong.

The satellite dish and transceiver, along with the necessary transponder and Internet connections, are scheduled to be deployed next February. More information, which includes color photographs of the Middle East village, conceptual schematics of the satellite system, and describes the roles of eSAT and Greenstar and their technologies, can be seen at .

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