Premium Partners

Greenstar is proud to announce the charter members of a very special group: Premium Partners.

Each of these organizations makes a special contribution to human development and protection of the earth, each in its own way reinforcing the Greenstar vision while following its own independent strategies. The combined unique personalities of all these groups make up a powerful consensus for positive change in the 21st century, which Greenstar is committed to supporting.

The Premium Partner program makes that support very simple, direct and tangible.

Visit the individual Premium Partner page for each member below, and note the special code as instructed...then shop on the Greenstar site. Automatically, 8% of your purchase price will be paid to the Partner you select, to support their work.

It's that simple.

If you'd like to know how an organization can qualify as a Greenstar Premium Partner, visit this page:

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EarthDay is one of the largest, most respected environmental activist organizations in the World. As sponsors of the original Earth Day in 1970, and of many significant events since, EarthDay shares many significant goals with Greenstar. Earth Day 2000 will have more than 500 million participants representing nearly every nation on earth. This time, the great democratizing force of the Internet is helping us put our heads together well in advance.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett-Packard, one of the world's leading technology companies, has established World e-Inclusion, a new strategy to broaden access to the social and economic opportunities of the digital age. The new strategy extends HP's business focus to traditionally excluded markets, with an emphasis on sustainable business ventures that improve the livelihoods of the roughly 4 billion people who have low incomes in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

The Sierra Club
of British Columbia

The Sierra Club is known and respected worldwide for its long-standing, broad-based support of environmental causes. The purpose of the Sierra Club is to explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment. 

Africa Canada Development Initiative

ACADI was founded by Kenyan youth studying and living in Canada. The organization aims to enable collaborative effort by Canadian youth and their counterparts in Africa to enable job-creation, leadership development, community organizing, poverty eradication, environmental protection and sustainable development.

All One Heart

The central mission of All One Heart is to promote harmony among people of different cultures, races, religions, age groups, sexual gender and orientation, physical and mental abilities.

The Banyan Effect

Part of doing well on this planet is facilitating those people with the skills, talent and desire to effect change to meet with the opportunity to do it -- whether it's for their families, their communities or the world as a whole.The Banyan Effect helps to build productive organizations, and the people who serve in them, as a means of effecting social change.

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Bytes for All

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bytes for All has a bold charter: to expose the inequities caused b y the "digital divide." To educate people worldwide on its impacts and identify ways that the divide can be closed. Some of the daunting realities of the third world: "a modem costs more than a cow"; "access to telecommunications is a privilege"; "information by definition is a property of the government."

Cabrini Connections

"It Takes a Village To Raise a Child." Cabrini Connections is dedicated to helping build the village. Cabrini Connections provides an organized framework that empowers and encourages adult volunteers to give their time, effort, ideas and advocacy in seeking life-changing solutions for children living in educationally and economically disadvantaged environments

Community Power

Community Power Corporation provides renewable energy products and services that improve the social and economic condition of people in unelectrified communities.

CPC has developed a new, commercially sustainable model for generating and selling energy products and services to rural and isolated communities.

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Corporate Community Investment Service (CorCom)

CorCom brokers allliances between the operational arm of businesses and nonprofits for joint ventures. With nonprofit partners, businesses can decrease the risks of entry into a new market, attract trained workers, get products into remote and rural areas, increase worker productivity and build good will through community investments. Nonprofits can tap into the financial expertise of business and its financial resources.

Ethnic Minorities Section:
National Council on Family Relations

The Ethnic Minorities Section unites members of the National Council on Family Relations who are concerned with issues pertaining to ethnic minority families.


Facing the Future
People and the Planet

Facing the Future gives educators tools to teach about global issues - population, poverty, consumption and environment, and how they are connected. We believe in the power of the individual and develop solutions based service learning projects for schools.

 Full Circle Associates

Full Circle Associates does important work in building a network of independent professionals who provide a range of services individually and collectively for clients in the community, non-profit and business sectors.


Global Marketplace

Global Marketplace, a grassroots community development organization, sponsors a fine website concerned with poverty issues in developing nations. They offer free help to small business and nonprofit organzations that are helping to reduce poverty, and offer crafts for sale from groups in poor nations.

Homeplanet Alliance

The Homeplanet Alliance and its 1% Solution are committed to the development of educational materials that promote common core curriculum, ecological integrity, and world citizenship in order to achieve a culture of peace and non-violence.

International Book Project

International Book Project sends needed quality books to remote locations including schools, churches, communities, and colleges in over 100 developing countries. In 1998, IBP shipped over 100,000 books -- more than 100 tons! Donors are matched with a foreign recipient who in turn sends a written thank you to the American donor establishing a global friendship.

International Book Project has the distinction of being the very first Greenstar Premium Partner.

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Ink People

The Ink People Center for the Arts is weaving the arts into the fabric of community. They are a grassroots artists' organization located in rural and geographically isolated Humboldt County, CA, and work collaboratively with many different kinds of community partners and cultural groups.



InterConnection is a non-profit group that donates websites, computers and provides internet training to organizations dedicated to benefiting the local community or environment in developing countries.


Legacy International

Legacy creates environments where people can address personal, community, and global needs while developing skills and effective responses to change.

The organization helps communities address diversity training, community development, youth education, cross-cultural competency, professional retraining, and the environment.

Musashi Corporation

Musashi Corporation of Brisbane, Australia helps develop new access to global trade resources around the world, especially programs on hunger, housing and water. Their homepage is a tool to promote world trade so that companies all over the world can promote their products, services and projects.


Redberry Pelican Project

The Redberry Pelican Project was formed initially with the goal of promoting environmentally sound ecotourism at Redberry Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada where a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary is the home of a colony of American White Pelicans.


Sustainable Business provides a wide complement of services necessary to support the sustainable business community on the Internet (information, employment, business services) and to assist in its integration into mainstream society. A free newsletter provides advance alerts on developments in energy, ecology, new business, finance, innovative products and services, and social action.


Visual Arts League

Visual Arts League gathers global creative energies and gives them focus. Through the VALWEB site we are setting up a framework to come together to create, experiment, and nurture ideas.

Today, artists are challenged to join with the world community in creating a hothouse environment which nurtures creativity. How do we bring art off the walls and pedestals and put it to work?


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"The hype for everything online obscures the reality about how technology is changing life at the end of the 20th century.

From Manhattan and Madrid, the Internet has fundamentally changed work, recreation - even love. But in Malawi and Mozambique, life remains very much the same.

'Think how powerful the Internet is. Then remind yourself that fewer than 2% of people are actually connected,' said Larry Irving, former US assistant secretary of commerce.

'The power of the Web increases exponentially with every person who goes online. Imagine what we're missing.'"

...from a BBC report