Premium Partners

A program
to benefit organizations
affiliated with Greenstar

Greenstar is founded on a simple idea: that people, no matter where they live, have the same basic needs: for food, shelter, caring for their children and families, building their future, leading a life of learning, creativity and dignity, living in harmony with the earth.

Where people in emerging nations don't enjoy the social and economic conditions to support these basic needs, all they need is the tools to grow by themselves, some assistance and startup resources.

Greenstar invests in these communities, and provides the people with practical tools. And then they need everyone else to get out of the way.

"Eagle Landing", one of the original works from art from the Middle East now available at the Greenstar Gallery.

The Greenstar Premier Partner program is designed to financially benefit organizations that share these ideals. Premium Partner organizations use email, or other media, to generate income for themselves. The program also benefits Greenstar and its programs in developing countries around the world.

Eligible organizations include those involved in the fields of environment, health, education, renewable energy, telecommunications, international development, the Web, ecommerce and associated technologies. They may be businesses or non-profit, government or international organizations.

Current Premium Partner Members

Submissions for Premium Partner status are reviewed promptly. The selection committee is careful to ensure that organizations are credible, that their goals and activities meet the highest standards of earth stewardship. Click on the link below to see the current list of these outstanding organizations:

Email Messages

Greenstar provides qualified Premium Partners with a simple message describing what Greenstar is doing, a description of Greenstar's international e-commerce products from developing countries and who benefits. The messages may also include new project updates. The text, when sent as an email, includes a hyperlink that takes the user directly to a specific page on the Greenstar ecommerce site; for an example, see:

Automated Links

The Premium Partner may customize the e-mail however they like, making introductions, modifying the text to suit special interests and emphasis that the Partner would like to make. The Partner sends the message out to their own mailing lists of members, partners, friends, customers, etc. Customers go to an introductory screen on the Greenstar website, which provides a complete introduction; for an example, see:

From this screen, which includes simple instructions, customers go to the Greenstar site and shop. They enter a simple Premium Partner code on the "checkout" screen when they place an order. This automatically associates their order with their Premium Partner.

Greenstar's server records, the sale, and credits a commission of 8% of the total sale, including shipping and handling, to the Premium Partner.

Mail, print, website banners

The Premium Partner may also include the URL in any printed literature, and may include a Greenstar graphic link anywhere on its website. Customers may call a toll-free number in the U.S. or Canada, request a printed catalog, and then order by mail or telephone, using the same Premium Partner code.

For an example of how banners and emails are formatted for use by Premium Partners, see:

Partner Control

Greenstar will never ask, and will never know who is on the Premium Partner's mailing lists. We will never contact these people directly; the Premium Partner is completely in control of the message that is sent.

Greenstar will never include commercial advertising in these e-mails, or any message inconsistent with the goals of the Premium Partner..

No Special Skills

Sending a group e-mail requires no technical skill at all, just the ability to cut and paste text and to send e-mail to a list of people. The standard email programs included with Netscape and Microsoft browsers are entirely adequate, although any email software will do the job.

The benefit to the Premium Partner comes when the reader acts, and buys a product from the Greenstar website.

No risk

The Premium Partner is not responsible for the product or the transaction in any way; all the business responsibilities are Greenstar's. Once a month, or whenever the Premium Partner's commission account totals $250 (whichever comes first), the Premium Partner receives a check from Greenstar, with an e-mailed confirmation statement.

Secure Monitoring

At any time, Premier Partners can log onto Greenstar's secure server, supply a password and user ID, and see all the current and historical details of their account, the funds in their account, who among their members has made purchases, and other details.


The Premium Partner can do as much e-mailing, or as little, as they like, with no obligation and no minimum. All income is yours to use as you see fit. If the Premium Partner does something special with this new income, Greenstar would like to know about it so we can tell the world on our website. Greenstar will also put a link on our website to the Premium Partner's website. Greenstar requests that the Partner does likewise.

For another example of the kind of link that Greenstar will place on its website, see:

Greenstar will supply Premier Partners with fresh, original e-mails at least once a month, offering new products, providing program announcements about people and Greenstar's progress, usually providing free sample digital products for immediate download.


The first connection from email, for example, offers a free digital music download from Al-Kaabneh, Greenstar's Palestinian prototype site, downloaded in MP3 format. See . The next promotion planned is a free piece of original artwork, created by a person in Al-Kaabneh, downloaded as a high-resolution JPEG image; see a sample at


What are the risks and disadvantages? We can't think of any.

This program is by invitation only; there are no fees for participation, and a Partner may cancel participation without obligation at any time. The Premium Partners program is not open to the public, or to individuals.

If you are interested, fill out the application screening form.

You may also read the standard license agreement which qualified Premium Partners execute

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