The Sacred Voice
of India

A full-length music recording
with the rare songs, dances, laments and celebrations
of the Telugu people

including "digital culture" presentations of
artwork, video, music, panoramas and interactive links
for multimedia computer (Microsoft Windows or Macintosh)

Volume 1:
Parvatapur, Ghanpur Mandel, Andhra Pradesh

available on compact disc (CD) or audiocassette

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this amazing new collection, featuring
rare music never before recorded


In the words of
Mahatma Gandhi

Press Release

Speech by Chief Minister Naidu
of Andhra Pradesh

Gallery of Photographs

About Andhra Pradesh

The Artwork of India and
Andhra Pradesh

People and the
Future Building Process

still to come:

About Greenstar India

Equipment, Technology

Links to Telugu Culture

About the Digital Culture Process